Today In Music November 16

Late Night Tunes On the Tube

Donald Fagen – Letterman

Brandi Carlile – Daly

Jeff The Brotherhood – Conan

Today In Music

In 1969,  In Tampa, a Janis Joplin audience was ordered by police through a bullhorn to sit down. Janis responded, “Don’t f*#k with these people! Hey, Mister, what’re you so uptight about? Did you buy a $5 ticket?” When cops backstage told her to insist that her fans take their seats, Janis said, “I’m not telling them sh#t.” She was arrested on charges of using “vulgar and indecent language.” The matter was later dismissed.

In 1976, Jackson Browne’s fourth album, The Pretender, went Gold. Some of it was written and recorded in the aftermath of his wife Phyllis Major’s suicide the previous March.

In 1990, David Bowie appeared as The Elephant Man on Broadway.


Petula Clark – 1932

Anson Funderburgh – 1954

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