5 O’clock Shadow December 7

It’s Friday and although we tend to rock on the Shadow at the end of the week, but we’re feeling funky too so let’s be gluttonous Americans and have both. Add bacon to your order with a pledge of support to WTMD!

Original Performer and Song Title: This band did their part this year by recycling over 14,000 plastic water bottles, using them as part of their light show as they toured the world. The band’s lead singer wrote this song about a narcissistic friend of his.

Cover Band: He’s a DJ, producer (Amy Winehouse) and has collaborated with the Plastic Ono Band.

Happy guessing and remember to post your answers to WTMD’s Facebook or Twitter pages before 5:00 tonight.

The 5 O’clock shadow is where we play an original tune followed by its cover every weekday at 5pm