Today In Music December 7

Late Night Tunes On the Tube

Garbage – Leno

Big Boi, Mike McCready – Fallon

Divine Fits – Daly

Today In Music

In 1963, “The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite” does a story on the rising popularity of The Beatles in England. There’s footage of The Beatles performing and their fans’ reaction. It’s the group’s first appearance on U.S. network television.

In 1964, Brian Wilson, the creative mastermind behind the Beach Boys, suffered a nervous breakdown during a flight from Houston to Los Angeles. The pressure of music stardom was too much; the event led to him to stop touring with the band.

In 1973, Unable to get Fleetwood Mac together for touring, the group’s manager creates a bogus version and sends them out on the road. Legal proceedings ensue but the tour is cancelled because nobody cares. The whole business is a low point for the group but they see their fortunes drastically improve in just two years.


Harry Chapin – 1942-1981

Tom Waits – 1949

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