5 O’Clock Shadow- June 21st


It’s Friday, and I want you to whistle and dance and get excited for the weekend.

The original performer of this song is a reggae god.  I shouldn’t have to give any more hints than that, but here goes – The artist passed away in 1981 at the age of 36 and once lived nearby in Wilmington Delaware and worked as a DuPont lab assistant.  The song today is a blues infused up-beat homage to dancing, love and music. He often opened concerts with the song to get people “up” and out of their seats.

The Shadow performer is a modern jazz recording giant and plays a uniquely shaped and strung guitar.  He has released 17 albums over the last 20 years.  In 1997- Blue Note gave him free reign to cover an entire album that influenced him. The album bares the same name as the original and features the same songs but in a different order, and interpreted in a whole new way.

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The 5 O’Clock Shadow is when we play an original tune followed by its cover every weekday at 5pm – Jah Love!