5 O’Clock Shadow- June 25th





The original performer of the song played to a sold out Verizon Center crowd in Washington DC. last night.  It was the final show on their US tour.  Big lips, bad teeth, skinny jeans and dozens of classic songs including the Shadow song today which is the song they have supposedly played live the most in their career.  It’s been debated and argued about who wrote what, and what it really means.  But one thing is for sure, it is as recognizable as any song ever written.  Also, Penny Marshal made her movie directorial debut with a film with the same title, starring Whoopi Goldberg.

The Shadow performer today is a nephew of a legendary guru and teacher to The Beatles.  Though this artist did not learn to play his unique instrument from his uncle.  This version of the song was recorded only two years after the original and is a unique blend of East and West and way ahead of it’s time.

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The 5 O’Clock Shadow is when we play an original tune followed by its cover every weekday at 5pm – KAPOW!