Five O’Clock Shadow August 2

Try and figure out these hints for the Shadow today – have you caught on to the theme for the week yet?

Original Performer and Song Title: This band was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2002 and features a front man that spent some of his youth in Baltimore. This song was written with the idea of Alice Cooper doing a ballad, and rooting for the bad guy in movies.

Cover Band: This band formed in 2006, and their second record showed heavy influence from bands like The Pixies. They worked in studio to record a third record this year, and will be supporting Muse on tour later this year.

Happy guessing and remember to post your answers to WTMD’s Facebook or Twitter pages before 5:00 tonight.

The 5 O’clock shadow is where we play an original tune followed by its cover every weekday at 5pm