5 O’Clock Shadow- September 3rd


The original performer of the song today is no Egyptian Soft Boy when it comes to the music scene of the last 40 years.  He is an English Gentleman and is quite funny on stage, and wears some ugly shirts, and writes some amazing songs that he often doesn’t like to even name.  The Shadow song today was easy to name though and is the mother of all stinging insects, or ladies.  And this is the appropriate time of year to play the song.

The Shadow performer just released her 9th solo album today and this is one of the bonus tracks depending where you get your copy.  She often plays and records other people’s stuff, which makes sense since she was a pornographer way ahead of her time.

Don’t get too excited, just get your guesses in on Facebook and Twitter.  The 5 O’Clock Shadow comes your way weekdays and you get to play along.