5 O’Clock Shadow- September 4th


The original performer of the song gets down on stage and at the Church of Scientology.  He hasn’t put out a studio album in quite some time, though he did release some sheet music for you to interpret yourself.  Some say he is the best monosyllabic performer since Bach.  The song itself will take you gently down the stream, and it comes from the anagrammed album “stores rule out tape machines”

The Shadow performer spent a lifetime in black and the same lifetime making beautiful American music.  Many songs he wrote, but later in his career he garnered success for his interpretation of other songs, including the Shadow today which again, could have been one of his originals in it’s simple picturesque writing and execution.

Get your guesses in on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and get patted on the back, on-air!  The 5 O’Clock Shadow is brought to you today by the number 4 and the letter K.