5 O’Clock Shadow- October 7th

black magic woman

One of the best parts of listening to WTMD is that you learn new things- which is actually the best part of working here too and really- is the best part of being alive.  We learn something new every day. Maybe this is what you learn today.  The Shadow today is typically thought to be an original by the Shadow performer.  But it’s not.  The original performer has had many lives and line-ups. The band started as just another British blues rock band invading like everyone else.  Then they became your mom’s favorite band in the 70’s and 80’s with the replacement of some band members and with it, a pop sound that has endured ever since.  At least that is that’s what I have heard.  The drummer is one half of the band’s name and was a brother in law of George Harrison.  The song itself is about a lady casting spells.

In 1970, the Shadow performer took the original song and made it their own, only two years after it was originally released.   Most folks think it’s an original tune by this San Francisco band that shares their name with the last name of the guitarist. They were one of the highlights at Woodstock too, bringing their Latin rock sound to the hippie masses. 

Happy guessing, post those answers on Facebook and Twitter.  Arriba! Undelay!