5 O’Clock Shadow- October 8th


For new music Tuesday we are getting a new version of an old song.  The original performer was about as big as the British Monarchy itself, until their leader passed away due to complications from AIDS in 1991. The song itself is a great driving tune both in pace and theme, and was used in a scene in Shaun of the Dead and comes from the 1979 album that was titled after a musical genre.   

The Shadow performer put an album out last week and in the extended deluxe version you can find this cover tune.  I first heard this song on The Saturday Alternative with Galler.  It’s kinda off key which is kinda the band’s style. This duo kinda comes from Portland, Oregon- which is kinda like a metropolis of underground varmints- which is kinda clue about the name of their latest album.  And all these “kinda’s” is kinda giving you a hint about the name of the band.  Or rather- Kind of- Sort of- It resembles it.

Guess on Facebook and Twitter and get your name on the radio. But ya gotta guess right.  It’s the 5 O’Clock Shadow. Right?