5 O’Clock Shadow- Roctober 18th

The original performer today is a core artist on WTMD and we play deep cuts from their 10 year punk rock catalog.  But today we bring you one of their hits from across the pond. And this song features the vocals of their guitarist who has been touring with the Gorillaz recently.  It’s a song that poses a question.  We kind of pose a similar question. Should you support WTMD and become an active member? The answer is . . . You should go to the phone and call 410-704-8970.  

The Shadow artist today is a Baltimore band that have brought the funk, rock and ska since the 80’s.   Their drummer and singer plays front and center . . . standing up. Funky Fresh-

Get your guesses posted to Facebook or Twitter, or call them in to 410-704-8970.