5 O’Clock Shadow- December 12th

NPG x30108; The Dave Clark Five (Rick Huxley; Lenny Davidson; Dave Clark; Denis Payton; Mike Smith) by Norman Parkinson

The original artist competed with the Beatles for world domination, though they were definitely a distant second place, then the Stones came along and they pretty much got left in the dust.  Their keyboard player, singer and songwriter would have celebrated his 70th birthday today, but he passed away in 2008. Despite being the front man, the band was not named after him. The song today is not a cover of a Carl Perkins song, the Beatles did that one. This one makes you happy everywhere on your body, and gets a lot of play in rugby and football stadium because of it’s driving beat.

The Shadow artist today is a husband and wife duo, along with a few other musicians. The husband drummer has played with everyone; Clapton, Wonder, Mayer and more.  The wife makes this band pop, snap, shake shimmy, crackle and many other active parts of speech.  

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