5 O’Clock Shadow- May 9th

fDeluxe 0811

The original artist didn’t originally write and record the song today, that would be Joe South writing and Billy Joe Royal recording in 1967. One year later, this version charted much higher and has stood the test of time. The British hard rock quintet that did it is known for a few other Shadows in their time, including Help! and Hey Joe also from their 1968 debut release.

I was recently turned on to the Shadow artist by a listener. It is the reformation of The Time and a Prince project group. Their biggest success came five years after their only release when Sinead O’Connor Shadowed one of their songs for a huge international hit in 1990. They don’t call themselves by their original name anymore and they just released a full album of Shadows called AM Static.  

Guess the Shadow and enjoy it, and enjoy the weekend.

Photo Credit to Steven Parke.