5 O'Clock Shadow and Today in Music

The Shadow – Nov. 24th

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The original band go by a slightly different name in North American than they do elsewhere, and are known for a sound that blends ska, pop and punk rock. The American version of their name gives you a good idea of where they are from. The song comes off of their third and final album…

The Shadow – Nov. 23rd

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Although the original artist often found success with his versions of other people’s songs, he was a prolific singer-songwriter himself and even wrote One of Three Dog Night’s biggest hits. In a highly publicized incident, he and John Lennon once got thrown out of a Los Angeles nightclub after a few too many Brandy Alexanders….

The Shadow – Nov. 20th

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This is not the original artist, but the artist who released the most well-known version of the song. He has been quite the Attraction for close to four decades. He’s been called an Imposter, but we know him to be one of the most authentic singers and songwriters of the last half-century. The world will…

The Shadow – Nov. 18th

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The original duo went by the name Tom & Jerry when they first formed in New York City in the late 50’s.  They are masters of harmony and legends of folk rock. Most of their songs were written by one member who went on to have an incredibly successful solo career and is considered one…

The Shadow – Nov. 17th

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The original band were an iconic soul, r&b and funk group. They were the first fully integrated band in rock history, with members that were black and white, male and female. The song was their first No. 1 single and calls for peace, love and acceptance for all. Different strokes for different folks, and so on….

The Shadow – Nov. 16th

The Shadow (1)

The original band are an influential, yet often overlooked group from San Francisco who came to prominence in the late 60’s and 70’s. You could say they were “on fire” during that period and had really found their groove. This is their most well-known song, and the Shadow version was, like, totally featured in the movie…

The Shadow – Nov. 13th

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The original band’s singer and guitarist fronted a popular Memphis rock band in the 60’s before going on to front this underrated yet influential power pop band in the 70’s. Look up towards Polaris and the name of this band might just come to you. The song is a lovely one, but still appropriate for…

The Shadow – Nov. 12th

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The original band were an influential, psychedelic rock band from L.A. who released a number of albums throughout the 60’s and 70’s. Their iconic frontman was known for his dark, poetic lyrics and unpredictable stage persona. To this day, you’ll find posters of him hanging in dorm rooms all over the country. They had no…

The Shadow – Nov. 11th

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The original band released their first new album in over two decades last year, however it was without their longtime bassist. Hailing from Boston, this group of sprites are one of the most influential indie rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s. Kurt Cobain was a huge fan and even once admitted to Rolling Stone that…

The Shadow – Nov. 9th

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The original band was a California-based folk-pop vocal quartet who, in their three years of existence from 1965 to 1968, had several top ten hits and sold tens of millions of records around the world. One of the members was a Baltimore native and went on to have a successful solo career after the group…

The Shadow – Nov. 6th

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The original band’s frontman is in another band in which he plays pop music alongside an unsafe rodent. These indie rockers, named after a body part, got mainstream attention when one of their songs was used in a Zach Braff film. The song is from their debut album and the title tells you to familiarize yourself…

The Shadow – Nov. 5th

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The original artist, a phenomenal English singer-songwriter, just made a big comeback with a huge new ballad from her highly anticipated third studio album. It comes nearly five years after her record-breaking, multi-Grammy award winning sophomore album. The song comes off of her debut album and questions whether she should throw in the towel or…

The Shadow – Nov. 4th

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The original band formed in the mid 70’s and were a prominent underground punk and new wave act in New York City until their third album, which featured a song about a fragile heart, made them a worldwide success. They are what you might call someone with a particular hair color. The song was used…

The Shadow – Nov. 3rd

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The original duo, known for their loud, raw and bluesy sound, split in 2011 but the singer and guitarist continues to have a very successful solo career. He also just released a new album with another band that he plays drums for. The duo were once married, but for years insisted that they were siblings….

The Shadow – Nov. 2nd

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The original band formed in Long Beach, California in the mid-aughts and have since become one of the most popular American indie rock bands of the last decade. They’re known for their raw sound and infectious songwriting, and their name alludes to a very tense period that occurred after World War II. Two of the band’s members have…

The Shadow – Oct. 30th

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The original artist is an influential Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his distinctive style of psychedelic folk rock and pop music. Once while in India with The Beatles, he taught John Lennon his finger-picking technique on the acoustic guitar. He goes only by his first name. The song works well this time of year,…