WTMD does not publish personal email addresses since individual mailboxes are limited in size. Large attachments, such as audio or photo files, are discouraged. Questions about your membership can be sent to wtmdmembership@towson.edu. General questions can be sent to wtmd@towson.edu.  Each of these mailboxes is monitored daily and emails are forwarded to the appropriate person. While we try to respond to all emails, we do get a lot of inquires so please give us 72 hours if your email requires a response.

Music submissions:

Both Baltimore area and national bands and artists should send two hard copy CDs to the WTMD office along with two full media kits including your contact information.  Your kit should include, if possible, a list of shows played and other material that will help us get to know your band.  In lieu of a hard copy CD, you may direct us to a .wav format download of your music. MP3 files are not acceptable for airplay.  Please wait 14 days from submitting your materials before following up with our music and programming staff.

Physical Address: 1 Olympic Place, Suite 100, Towson, MD 21204

Office Phone: 410-704-8938
Office Fax: 410-704-3114 (Please call office before faxing)

Membership Email: wtmdmembership@towson.edu

Encore Club Members: wtmdsustainers@towson.edu

Request and Contest Line: 410 -704-8936


Scott Mullins
Program Director
Interim General Manager
smullins@wtmd.org | 410-704-8938

Alex Cortright
Morning Show Host

Sam Gallant
Mid-Day Host

Matt Galler
Afternoon Drive Host & Social Media Coordinator

Don Rogers
Evening Host

Sam Sessa
Baltimore Music Coordinator

Paul Hartman
Detour Host

Brendan Sullivan
Stuck in the Jam Host

Clint “The Dubmaster” Thomas
Reggae Rhythms Host

Broadcasting Legend

Membership and Underwriting:

Kristin Bachran
Membership Director

Grace Manlove
Membership Coordinator

Amy Hall
Manager of Individual Giving and Foundation Support
hall@wtmd.org | 410-704-4088

Andy Grimshaw
Director of Sales
agrimshaw@wtmd.org | 410-704-3322

Chris Hawkins
Sr. Corporate and Sponsorship Sales

Lee Geary
Corporate and Sponsorship Sales

Michael Quindlen
Corporate and Sponsorship Sales


Donnie Carlo
Operations and Technology Manager


Kirsten Furlong Scofield
Director of Finance and Administration
kscofield@wtmd.org | 410-704-3464

Megan Amoss
Traffic Manager & Systems Analyst