Weekend on the Radio Aug. 27th – 30th

Time to make your plans with Sam and Don. It’s Weekend on the Radio, made possible by Live Baltimore.

There’s the Charm City Mods vs. Rockers event. There’s also a wizard at AVAM, Silversun Pickups and oysters in Fells. Plus the All Mighty Senators are at BWI, The Fleshtones are at the Patterson, and the Ren Fest is back!

Listen to the rundown for a good laugh. And try this link for more details, and this one, to submit your own event for consideration.

The Shadow- Aug. 27th


The original artist asks you a question with this song. And the answer is “yes”. This 1958 song was the biggest hit for this San Francisco soul singer. The song has been Shadowed dozens of times; Cliff Richard and the Shadows, The Beach Boys, John Lennon, Dave Edmunds, and more. Including the artist today, that…

In The Mix: Gospel Machine


  Minneapolis quintet Gospel Machine describe themselves as a “garage gospel” band. Their music brings to mind some of the greats, like Otis Redding and Sharon Jones, and it’s that garage-grit and attitude, along with frontwoman Jayanthi Kyle’s stunning vocals, that make their sound so authentic. We’ve taken notice here at WTMD, and we think…

The Shadow- Aug 26th


The original artist is an indie project from Seattle and they are not delivering your mail, despite the name. They did “give up” a great album in 2003, and this song comes from that one and only album, and I guess it’s about what happens when our bodies finally go. And I can’t spell the…

In The Mix: Boy & Bear

limit of love

  We’ve been fans of Aussie band Boy and Bear since 2011, when we first heard their smooth and infectious, emotionally driven indie-folk rock. Their debut album, Moonfire, swept the ARIA Awards that year, winning them five awards out of seven nominations, including Album of the Year and Best Group. Their song “Feeding Line” was…

The Shadow- Aug. 25th


The original artist put out this career defining album 40 years ago today. We are going to take the title track, a love letter to a gal named Wendy. The Shadow artist is a group of Liverpudlians that went all the way to 90038 in 1984 with their monster debut, “Welcome To The Pleasuredome”, where…

The Shadow- Aug. 24th


The original artist was a poor little fool and the son of Ozzie and Harriet. The song today is a sad one about a broken-hearted village, or maybe a similar state. The Shadow artist was a part of a fabulous foursome. He does this version on his 1999 album of mostly covers called “Run Devil…

The Saturday Alternative: Playlist 08-22-15


 This week on The Saturday Alternative, we dove right in with a wildly impressive new song from Diane Young, the solo project of Foxygen drummer Shaun Fleming. We hit the dance floor with exciting new music from Disclosure, who are set to release their highly anticipated followup to 2013’s Settle, and we got moving to…

The Shadow- Aug. 21st


The original artist was Johnny Darrell in 1967. But the original artist today made the song into a hit in 1969. He turns 77 today. The song is about a paralyzed veteran’s wife that leaves him at home alone. The Shadow artist has it, and eats it too. And it’s not rotisserie chicken. They put…

In The Mix: Them Vibes


The secret’s out on Nashville five-piece Them Vibes. Since forming a couple years ago, they’ve been tearing up the Nashville and Austin underground with their raw and sweaty rock’n’roll and energetic live shows. Now, with the gritty sway and swagger of their new single “Mamma’s Got A Secret,” they seem ready to take over the…

The Shadow- Aug. 20th


The original artist turns 63 today. Trust me, you have faith in him, so do countless musicians that have Shadowed his music over the years. The song today is from his modern classic recording called “Bring The Family”, and it features the family of Nick Lowe on bass, Jim Keltner on drums, and Ry Cooder…

In The Mix: Rayland Baxter


If you had to neatly file away the music of singer-songwriter Rayland Baxter, the “Americana” folder would be a suitable place. That being said, there is something very unique about his sound that is helping to bring him fans of all kinds; from the roots and country purists, to the hip indie rockers. He recently…

The Shadow- Aug. 18th


Official counts of the most covered songs in popular music history do not include the song today, but it is knocking on the door. It’s been covered countless times by both unknown and big name artists. Since it is so often Shadowed and Shadowed so well, we are going to take a trio today. The…

Photos: Live Lunch with Hollis Brown

Photo by Kathleen Hill

Photos by Kathleen Hill Tweet

The Shadow- August 17th


The original artist is a progressive Pittsburgh based doo-wop band. They were way ahead of their time, being racially integrated with both black and white members in the original group dating back to 1955. This song is likely their best known and has been used in Hollywood frequently for nostalgic films like Stand By Me,…

Downtown Upload: Amy Langrehr’s Baltimore Story

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