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Author Archives: Roe Sellers

Five O’Clock Shadow October 3rd


The original artist is an English knight who needs no introduction. This song took over the charts after it’s release in November of 1967. The cover artist is also English. The song also features the son of the original artist, who stopped by the studio to say hello. Play along with the Shadow on Facebook…

Five O’Clock Shadow August 11


The original artists logo is both an homage and a parody of Van Halen’s logo. The lyrics to the original song include references to action figures, which are apparently important to the frontman–he didn’t okay recruiting a new member back in the 90’s until asking what his favorite Star Wars action figure was! The Shadow…

Five O’Clock Shadow August 8th


Since the O’s are celebrating 60 years in the Charm City tonight, how about we work some baseball into the hints for the Shadow today? The original artists’ father was a semi-professional baseball player before he was diagnosed with polio in his twenties. This song was reportedly recorded during a one day break from a…

Five O’Clock Shadow August 7th


The original artist has released nineteen (19!) studio records. Across those records, the band (who changed their name at the behest of their first label) has 41 number one songs across the various industry charts–34 appeared at #1 on Billboard’s Hot Country. This song was originally released as the B-side to the title track of their 4th…

Five O’Clock Shadow June 5th


The Original Artist: This artist began most of his concerts by walking on stage and greeting his audience: “Hello, I’m ______ ____.” This famous greeting would go on to be the title of his third record. As for the original song today, this song was the artists’ first Billboard #1, a spot it claimed and held…

Five O’Clock Shadow May 22


  Original Artist: This original artist allegedly fired another band member by post-it. The original song, inspired by a post-apocalyptic novel by Nevil Shute, comes from the artists’ first solo album.   Shadow Artist: The Shadow artist is the frontman of a band based out of Portland, Oregon. When he isn’t touring with that band,…

Five O’Clock Shadow January 10th


The original performer of the song isn’t someone you’d immediately associate with music – more with his oddball comedic performances in the world of cinema. This is a tune from a soundtrack about using your mind to invent a new world. The Shadow performer’s last name is from an entirely different food group than the…

Five O’Clock Shadow December 27


The original artists came from across the pond and are sometimes associated with the New Wave synth bands of the 80s. Despite it’s eventual success, the frontman of this band didn’t want to include this track on their second album. The Shadow artist caught fire this year, moving quickly up the charts. Enjoy this Post-Christmas…

Five O’Clock Shadow December 26


The original artist today was childhood friends with Neville Livingston in Nine Mile. The song has been covered a few times, by artists like Colbie Calliat and Lauryn Hill. The Shadow artist is the front man of a popular band who dabbles in solo work and sometimes makes appearances on other recordings, replacing some consonants…

Five O’Clock Shadow November 29th


Today, for the shadow, I feel like anagrams: The Original Performer: Stealth Bee The Shadow Performer: Lamps Nightlife Enjoy the Shadow and get your guesses posted on Facebook or Twitter. Support for the 5 O’Clock Shadow comes from HCGI Tweet

Roe’s Top 10 Songs of 2013


So being away from WTMD so much of the year, I feel like I’m always streaming or podcasting something from WTMD or NPR Music in order to stay somewhat in the loop. Spending so much time up in the north where there isn’t a station like WTMD, it makes me appreciate that we have a…

Five O’Clock Shadow November 27th


The original performer came all the way from roots in Oklahoma to Baltimore in 2013 to help WTMD celebrate our 10th Birthday! The Shadow performers come from Austin, Texas and originally collaborated as members of Okkervil River. They wanted to collaborate to create some “quieter” songs that didn’t fit in with the sound of their…

Five O’Clock Shadow July 5


Try and figure out these hints for the Shadow today – have you caught on to the theme for the week yet? Original Performer and Song Title: This band fromDuluth, Minnesota had a cd release in 2010 that peaked at #1 on the US Bluegrass charts, and stayed in the top ten for a year!…

Five O’Clock Shadow August 2


Try and figure out these hints for the Shadow today – have you caught on to the theme for the week yet? Original Performer and Song Title: This band was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 2002 and features a front man that spent some of his youth in Baltimore. This…

Five O’Clock Shadow July 31


Try and figure out these hints for the Shadow today – have you caught on to the theme for the week yet? Original Performer and Song Title: This country/folk artist from Illinois is also a co-founder of a record label called Oh Boy, formed in 1984. This song was released on the first album for…

Five O’Clock Shadow July 30


Try and figure out these hints for the Shadow today. Original Performer and Song Title: This artist is one of Baltimore’s adopted sons – the second studio album referenced his real name. This song was the first single from his fourth record. Cover Band: This folk/pop artist is a wild child from Northern California. Happy…