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Author Archives: Sam Gallant

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 22nd


It seems like everyone has done this song. The Beach Boys, Diana Krall, The Stranglers, Cyndi Lauper, AWB, Alicia Keys, Seal, Aretha Franklin, and more. The original tune is a Burt Bacharach and Hal David number, originally recorded by this artist, because she stopped and picked it up and turned it into a big hit…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 21st


The original artist is a band of Brits lead by an original South African rocker and named after him too. Today is his 74th birthday. The song is a big one for the group, about a Northern Native American, sort of. It was actually a Bob Dylan song and a part of his basement tapes,…

5 O’clock Shadow- October 20th


The original artist started as a cover band, so they are no stranger to Shadows. These LA cow-punk rockers made a big impact in the few short years they were together. This one is sort of a cover too, but not really since they recorded it first- and it comes from their self-titled 1985 debut….

Video: St. Paul & The Broken Bones Live In-Studio


St. Paul & The Broken Bones perform “Call Me” for 89.7 WTMD’s Live Lunch on Thursday, October 16th, 2014. Tweet

Video: Ruut Live In-Studio

Come Uptown to Towson for WTMD's Live Lunch with Ruut

Ruut performs “Canyon” for 89.7 WTMD’s Live Lunch on Friday, October 10th, 2014 Tweet

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 17th


The original artist is from another planet. This song is 43 years old and so the timeline in the title for the destruction of earth- was a bit off. The Shadow artist does this one in Portuguese and it made a big splash as a part of a film soundtrack that is 10 years old…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 16th


The original artist has a mesmerizing new album out this year with his band of Casanovas. This one is about living in Reseda and comes from a 25 year old album about a monthly illness. The Shadow artist turns 37 today. This guy has dated everyone- A Katy, a Jessica, a Taylor and a Jennifer…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 15th


The original artist is a jazz singing man that has had some big hits over the years, and Shadows of his songs have been hits for others. The song today is an example of that. The Shadow artist put out their version in 1992, but it didn’t chart until it was used in a movie…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 14th


The original artist just put out two new albums, one with some ladies. This is a classic one though, precipitating from his colorful 1984 album. It’s a song with letters and numbers about love and death. The Shadow artist is a Mexican folk music band. Which is actually a side project of a hard-core-punk band…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 13th


The original artist put out an album in 1971, and lots of folks think it is one of the best albums ever made. It shares its name with a color, a color that’s appropriate for a day like today. The song today comes from that album. It’s a very Canadian song about isolation, beer, fish…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 10th


The original artist is a hard rocking group with two Dutch brothers, one on guitar, the other on drums- and they use their surname for the name of the band. The quartet is rounded out by their current bass player, the son of the guitarist. And a singer. They have had a few over the…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 9th


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. That’s what the Shadow is all about. And the original artist today has covered many people and has been covered a whole lot more. Let’s take one from the big birthday boy, he would have been turning 74. It’s a single from 1970 right after he went out…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 8th


The original song is a good one by a group of southern California surfers. They bring the Lord into this song about being lost without a special person. The BBC just brought the Lorde into a big version of it as well. Kinda like “We Are The World”, but without a point, and only benefiting…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 7th


The original artist is photoluminescent- which means he glows. Not really. The band is the work of one young man (en Español), Matthew Houck. He has put out a number of albums in the last ten years, but none as big as his 2013 release. This song comes from that album, a big ballad that…

5 O’Clock Shadow- October 6th


The original artist is not one of Jack Black’s favorites. These “sad bastards” from Glasgow have recorded a lot of records in nearly 20 years, but none as impacting as their critically acclaimed 1998 release. We will hear the title track, a song about self-hating and self-loving, using a particular device. The Shadow artist is…

5 O’clock Shadow- October 2nd


The original artist is a group of primatez that have De La guest flow on this 2005 number that incorporated the sentiment of happiness. The Shadow artist is appropriately named, when they take someone else’s song and make changes. These Brits Shadow their fellow Brits for a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge in 2006. They…