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A John Waters Christmas

JW Xmas

John Waters is many things; director, writer, comedian- and he is synonymous with Christmas in Baltimore. He is putting on his annual show tonight at the Baltimore Soundstage. WTMD’s Sam Gallant spoke with John Waters about Christmas, music, Hanukkah, hitch-hiking, and more. Happy Holidays! Tweet

The Shadow- Dec. 19th


I think about the original artist a lot this time of year. He passed away on Christmas Day in 2006, but not before he helped define R & B, & F, & S. This song was a hit for him and his band in 1960 and is about losing your mind when losing a love….

The Shadow- Dec. 18th


The original artist was a duo and a pop sensation in the 80’s. Nowadays, other artists come over to one of their houses to jam and eat. They had a No. 1 Hit with this song on this day in 1982. As a kid I always thought this was a funny tune, and I still…

The Shadow- December 17th


The original artist was a blue harmonica legend and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. He was posthumously inducted though, this innovative voice and musician passed away in 1968. This song blues song has a lot of heart and emotion. The Shadow artist put this version out on his…

The Shadow- Dec. 16th


The original artists used to sing together a lot. One known for her voice, the other known for his horn playing, and his gravely voice. They did two albums of standards and a third together for Porgy and Bess. The Shadow artist just last week released this album of jazz standards and classics. This is…

The Shadow- Dec. 15th


The original artist was one of Motown’s premier groups of the 60’s. These ladies had a huge hit in ‘66 with the song today. A breakin’ up song about bein’ friends and not movin’ on and gettin’ out. The song has been successfully Shadowed dozens of times, but none more impacting than this psychedelic rock…

The Shadow- Dec. 12th


The original artist is a trip-hop artist from New York. He works with all kinds of people on their music and his own. He is also in a group with Sufjan Stevens, called Sisyphus. It’s a song about leaving the old world behind. The Shadow artist is a young British singer named Natasha Khan, but…

The Shadow- December 11th


The original artist was killed on this day in 1964. Shot dead at the Hacienda Motel in Los Angeles. He is known for many soulful hits. This one is a holiday tune, but more for Valentine’s Day than Christmas. The Shadow artist also met an untimely end, but in 2011, and she kind of did…

The Shadow- December 10th


The original artist was known as The Hawks. Later the band changed their name and backed Dylan at one point. One of their members, Rick Danko, passed away on this day in 1999. This song is likely their best known. One reason the song is as legendary as it is, is due to the various…

The Shadow- Dec. 9th


The original artist gathers no moss. They also feel sorry for the lord of the underworld with this song. The Shadow artist did this one live a long time ago, but they also recorded a studio version for the television show Sons of Anarchy. The series concludes tonight. Riding through this world- playing the Shadow….

The Shadow- Dec. 8th


34 years ago today, the original artist was murdered. This song is a latter Xmas tune of his and his artificial band. The Shadow artist is a cacophonous cult from Texas- and do this one true to cultish form. Tweet

The Shadow- Dec. 5th


The original artist is an OC. That’s Original Crooner. This Country and Western star put this one out in 1973 on a Christmas album, though it’s really about the time of year and climate more than the holiday. The Shadow artist is a Canadian roots rocking band with a colorful bull riding name. They just…

The Shadow- Dec. 4th


The original artist is quite the actress, Annie Clark, though she goes by another name on stage. She is opening up for The Black Keys tonight at the RoFo Arena. The Shadow artist is a Baltimore band that is really loud. They are the result of working in a coal mine for too long. They…

The Shadow! Dec. 3rd


The original artist is one of my faves- He does this one on the album recorded before, but released after, he broke out and became a “loser”. His use of pedal steel guitar is perfect and poignant on this sad song about an aquatic transport on a gentle stream. The Shadow artist was a legend…

The Shadow- Dec 2nd


The original artist is a New Zealand native that had some success in the 90’s touring with the Finn Brothers and others. She has garnered commercial and critical success in the rest of the English speaking world, just not in the US. This song is from her 2005 album “Birds”, and is about being trapped…

Sam Gallant’s Top Ten for 2014


It was a fabulous year for music. New artists emerged, old favorites came back to us, and the musical envelope was pushed. It’s hard to pick favorites, but here goes- I started at one and went down to ten, and now I can think of another 20 that could be in this list. 10. Dark…