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The Shadow- Feb. 27th

The original artist is an electro-pop duo from Sweden. This song is off of their 2002 “Deep Cuts” release, appropriate title for the album considering their name, and if you cut too deep you might stop these- the song title. The Shadow artist is also Swedish. His folks are Argentinian though, and his band is…

The Shadow- Feb. 26th


The original recording artist was The Five Du-Tones, a Chicago soul group that put this one out in 1963. The original version we will hear though, is from an artist turning 70 years old today. The song has been Shadowed dozens; The Monkees, Ike and Tina, Gerry and the Pacemakers, and the birthday boy- he…

Weekend on the Radio- 2/27/15


Time to break that cabin fever and get out on the town Baltimore! There are lots of great options for you to choose from this weekend. BWI Live and WTMD are back again with Brooks Long and the Mad Dog No Good. Oh yeah- and your kid has work hanging in The Walters Art Museum….

The Shadow- Feb. 25th


The original artist is NOT the notable 20th century giant Robert Wadlow, but is Kristian Matsson, a Swedish singer songwriter. He does go by a certain stage name though, despite being of a normal stature. The song today has a timeless quality and can cause an epiphany, which may in turn lead one to sadness….

The Shadow- Feb. 24th


The original artist released their sixth album 40 years ago today- it’s being re-released today too. This song opens the album and sets the tempo with this excellent riff which includes some rare wah-wah action from the guitarist, as well as some clavinet from the bass player, some harmonica work from the singer, and excellent…

The Shadow- Feb. 20th


The original artist is a band with a Buddhist philosophy of stillness and bliss. But they were anything but still or blissful. Their singer and songwriter would have turned 48 today, but he took his own life at 27 using a gun- the ultimate irony, considering the song today, from their break-out 1991 album. The…

The Shadow- Feb. 19th


The original artist is a Jersey guy. This 1973 tune is from his debut album, also from New Jersey. Lots of folks probably don’t know that this was his song originally. The Shadow artist had a big hit with their version. It was actually the number 1 song in the land on this day in…

Weekend on the Radio- 2/20/15


There are great events in and around Baltimore this weekend. The American Craft Council show is at the convention center, and the British are invading- again, at Rams Head On Stage. Creative Alliance is also hosting an open house ON SATURDAY NIGHT, and Miss Maryland is being “tiara’d”. Things are also getting hot at the…

The Shadow- Feb. 18th


The original song is the closing duet from a now-classic, musical-movie-adaptation about hair-gel and cars and teenage love. One of the singers got physical, the other turns 61 today and he might mispronounce his own name as Jan Thozamas. The Shadow artist does this one totally slowed down and creepily on his 2014 debut album…

The Fat Shadow- Feb. 17th


The original artist is a New York folk singer songwriter, and he is not who you immediately think of when it comes to New Orleans. But he does have some great migration songs and this one is perfect for Fat Tuesday. The Shadow artist is a smooth jazz pioneer and his work has been incredibly…

The Shadow-Feb. 16th


The original artist came together in “the age of plastic” in 1979. They then split and went on to work with Yes and Asia. This song harkened the new age and the new medium and still rings not quite true today as you are likely hearing this on your FM dial on 89.7 WTMD. The…

The Shadow- Feb. 13th


The original artist turns 65 today. This guy was Phil Collins before you knew who Phil Collins was. This song from 1992, is one of my favorites anytime of year, but it’s especially good for gardening- The Shadow artist is a Baltimore guy. He spent a big chunk of 2014 opening for Steve Winwood and…

Weekend on the Radio- <3


Lots of love this weekend in Baltimore.  Valentines options and otherwise on Weekend on the Radio. Highlights include tango lessons and dancing at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, and Uncle Vanya at the new Chesapeake Shakespeare Company theater. Also, Psycho Killers burn down the 8 x 10, Richard Marx lights up Maryland Live.  Single Carrot has Poe…

The Shadow- Feb. 12th


The original artist put this song out in 1947 and it had an early rock -n- roll feel to it. The 12-bar-blues tune done by this country music legend, sounds kind of like Rock Around the Clock, and even starts with a time reference. But really it’s about different kinds of dogs. Right? The Shadow…

The Shadow- Feb. 11th


The original artist was a blues legend named James Moore, but he went by another name when performing. This song is one of his finest, and on a nice day like today it’s got me thinking about buzzing around this spring. The Shadow artist put this version out on their 1964 debut release. Since then…

The Shadow- Feb. 10th


New (old) Music Tuesday Shadow- The original artist was a cotton picking blues singer songwriter from North Carolina. Actually, the way she played the guitar was unique and defined the “Cotton Picking” style. She played a right handed guitar upside down and left handed, playing the bass line with her fingers and plucking the melody…