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Dan Deacon debuts new material at The Crown

  Baltimore musician Dan Deacon performed about 45 minutes of new material at the Crown in Station North Dan Deacon may be one of the most popular musicians in Baltimore, but he's also one of the most likeable. If he wanted, he could sell out a club the size of Rams Head Live. [...]

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Baltimore Icons: The Jones Falls

The Jones Falls River flows right through Baltimore City.  But you might not even know it's there.  Portions of it are covered by the JFX and other portions are completely underground.  Yet this river has played an important role in the development and history of this area.  It has been declared an open sewer, yet [...]

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Baltimore Icons: The Maryland Room of the Enoch Pratt Library

The Enoch Pratt Library’s Main Branch has a very special section.  The Maryland Department is filled with more than just books and newspapers.  It contains the long lost secrets of our past.  Hunting ghosts?  Looking for treasure? Or just trying to piece together your family tree.  The Maryland Room is a great place to start. [...]

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Baltimore Icons: Coddies

We all know and love a good Crab Cake here in Baltimore.  But if you’ve been in Baltimore for generations, you might also know and love Coddies.  These little fried fish cakes have quite a history in Baltimore, and are moving towards the future. For this weeks Baltimore Icons, we tasted different kinds of Coddies [...]

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Baltimore Icons: Rob Fahey was Raised on the Radio

You may know the song Raised on the Radio.  But did you know it was written here in Baltimore, by a band called The Ravyns?  For Baltimore Icons this week, Rob Fahey, the singer/songwriter/guitarist for The Ravyns talks about writing a big hit, riding that hit and defining a musical career despite of it. Rob [...]

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Baltimore Icons: National Pinball Museum

                                    The National Pinball Museum just moved to Baltimore in early 2012.  But already, the bouncing silver balls on Water St. near Power Plant Live, has made an impact downtown. Their website has information about rentals, machines, donations [...]

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Baltimore Icons: The Baltimore Water Taxi

This week in the WTMD Series, Baltimore Icons, Sam Gallant is on a boat. A water Taxi to be precise, finding out what makes Baltimore’s Water Taxi system one of the best in the country. Check their website for fares and route info.  The picture on the main page was taken by Water Taxi commuter [...]

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Baltimore Icons: Kirby Fowler

The Downtown Partnership of Baltimore is the mayonnaise on the beautiful Dagwood sandwich that is our city.  It brings together all of the ingredients; the businesses, the government, the infrastructure, and all of the other parts of a good lunch, including your neighbors. Kirby Fowler, the president of the Downtown Partnership, is guy spreading the [...]

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Baltimore Icons: Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower

Nearly everyone in Baltimore sees The Bromo Seltzer Tower everyday, but few know its history or how it's being used today.  It sat idle for many years after the Bromo Seltzer company left Baltimore in the 1960's and it has now been re-imagined by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and turned into [...]

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