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Category Archives: Culture and Arts

Sam Gallant’s reports on Culture and Arts in Baltimore

Inside ‘Everything On It,’ WTMD’s first installation art exhibit

"The Worm" by Andrew Liang is part of "Everything On It," WTMD's first installation art exhibit.

Listen: ‘Everything On It’ Power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles and other whimsical figures dance along a giant black swirl painted on the wall inside WTMD’s conference room. In the lobby, the windows are dotted with dozens of black vinyl cutouts in different shapes and sizes. It’s all part of “Everything On It,” an exhibit created…

Free reception for new art exhibit ‘Everything On It’ 7 p.m. Friday March 28

Vinyl cutouts from Zoe Friedman (left) and cartoon-style mural paintings by Andrew Liang (right) are part of "Everything On It," a new art exhibit at WTMD.

Two of Baltimore’s most exciting young artists have come together to transform the WTMD studios with an art exhibit designed just for this space. Andrew Liang and Zoe Friedman are re-imagining WTMD with vinyl cutouts, cartoon-style mural paintings, videos and more. WTMD is partnering with the award-winning online publication Bmoreart for the exhibit, titled “Everything…

Leader of Gwar, Oderus Urungus AKA Dave Brockie, Leaves This Toilet Earth at 50-


Dave Brockie, founding member and singer of Gwar, passed away at the age of 50 on March 23rd 2014. Dave wore the costume and played the role of Oderus Urungus, the leader and singer of Gwar for the last 30 years. Gwar was a hell of a band. They frightened many a parent in their…

Baltimore Hit Parade’s first live taping with Kentavius Jones Feb. 11

The soul singer/songwriter and his band are part of the first ever live taping of Baltimore Hit Parade, 9 p.m. Jan. 21

On Tuesday Feb. 11, we’re opening our doors for the first ever live taping of Baltimore Hit Parade, broadcast live on-air with a studio audience. (Originally scheduled for January, the show was postponed due to snow.) It’s part live music, part variety show. The house band is Kentavius Jones (pictured), a talented soul singer making his Baltimore…

In Baltimore, Beach House Gene Clark tribute is a show like ‘No Other’

Beach House and an all-star lineup re-created Gene Clark's forgotten 1974 album "No Other" at Floristree.

In the past several years, much has been said and written about Baltimore’s music scene. Too much, perhaps. But it has produced wonderful moments, when you feel a part of something larger — moments which could have only happened here. Last night’s Gene Clark: No Other show at Floristree felt that way. Beach House, the…

‘Drunk History’ to film at Mothers Grille Thursday

Bob Odenkirk (left) as Nixon and Jack Black as Elvis in the first episode of "Drunk History." The Comedy Central show will film at Mothers Grille 8 p.m. Thursday.

“Drunk History,” the Comedy Central show created by Lutherville native Derek Waters, will film part of an episode for its second season at Mothers Federal Hill Grille (1113 S. Charles St.) starting at 8 p.m. Thursday, according to the bar’s Facebook page and the Maryland Historical Society. On the show, which was recently renewed for…

With ‘Worst Case Scenario,’ Single Carrot Theatre returns to sketch comedy

Mike Smith (left) and Jenna Rossman perform in Single Carrot Theatre's "Worst Case Scenario." Credit: Britt Olsen-Ecker Photography

‘Listen to Elliott Rauh and Jessica Garrett read a sketch about jogging from Worst Case Scenario’ “Worst Case Scenario” is the name of the new sketch comedy from Baltimore’s Single Carrot Theatre. It’s an original production featuring 15 miniature plays focusing on fear – what’s the worst thing that could happen in seemingly innocuous situations,…

Beach House answers criticism with all-star Gene Clark tribute show

Alex Scally (left) and Victoria Legrand of Beach House spearheaded an all-star tribute to Gene Clark.

Yesterday, Beach House announced a short run of tribute shows performing Gene Clark’s album “No Other” with a star-studded cast of musicians which stops at Floristree on Jan. 23. But it’s more than just a cool idea for a concert. This is a change in direction for the duo of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand,…

Baltimore Hit Parade playlist – Super City, Nov. 5

Super City was the house band on Baltimore Hit Parade.

Super City is a new Baltimore band which brings together a prog-rock flourishes with strong pop sensibilities. Greg Wellham and Dan Ryan, two friends who had known each other for years but never played in a band together, founded Super City on a series of interlocking guitar riffs. They recruited a few other like-minded musicians,…

It’s Happening at Unexpected Art

photo 2

There are a lot of art galleries in Baltimore, but one new gallery is using a different approach to the business. Unexpected Art. They pop up in unoccupied spaces and when a permanent tenant takes over- they’re gone and operating in a new spot. They also don’t show just one artist at a time. Right…

RED at Everyman Theater


The new play at Everyman Theater tells the story of an artist and his search for answers.  RED is a one act show about painter Mark Rothko and his assistant and their search for answers to unanswerable questions. The two actors in the play, Bruce Randolph Nelson and Erik Berryman stopped by WTMD to talk with…

10 Bizarre Baltimore album covers [Pictures]

Those poor geese.

A lot of weird music comes out of Baltimore. The same goes for some of the album covers. Here are 10 of the most bizarre examples from the past year or so, from projectile vomiting to nuns. [imagebrowser id=1]

Baltimore Hit Parade playlist – Timothy Bracken Oct. 22

Baltimore singer/songwriter Timothy Bracken is this week's house band.

Baltimore singer/songwriter Timothy Bracken gets around. You may have seen him before without realizing it — he plays guitar in June Star, he performs with a wedding band and for the past decade or so he’s been releasing solo albums. Bracken’s latest, “Parti-Color,” rocks harder than anything he’s done before. Songs like the fiery “Lose…

Baltimore Hit Parade to showcase Rock ‘n’ Roll-A-Thon highlights this Sunday

Thee Lexington Arrows, performing at WTMD's Rock 'n' Roll-A-Thon

This Sunday, Baltimore Hit Parade will showcase an hour of highlights from WTMD’s 24-hour Rock ‘n’ Roll-A-Thon. The event, which featured 24 bands performing live in studio in 24 hours, was a huge hit. And from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. this Sunday, you can re-live some of the best moments — including the Bellevederes,…

Baltimore music scene 101

Alex Scally (left) and Victoria Legrand of Beach House.

Yesterday, former MTV VJ Dave Holmes made a fool out of himself on his new web series, “Indie Across America,” by saying Baltimore doesn’t have much of a music scene. According to Holmes, bands from Baltimore often move to D.C. because “there is a kind of a scene in D.C. which Baltimore has tended to…

WTMD’s Grand Opening Art Exhibit- Brett Stuart Wilson: Chasing the Devil’s Music


Music and art meet at the confluence known as Brett Stuart Wilson. He creates large sculptural paintings of legendary musicians.  These larger than life pieces of art stare at you with decades of passion and stories and they truly need to be experienced viscerally. Listen to the story about Brett Stuart Wilson below by Sam…