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Made in Maryland: Consolidated Instruments


Consolidated Instruments helps other people.  They build the specialized equipment for the likes of Johns Hopkins and NASA that allow those groups to make scientific achievements.  Listen to the story below, check the photos above and know that when medical and aeronautical advancements are made, it’s likely made in Maryland. MiM Consolidated Instruments Final Made…

Made in Maryland: Hamilton Crop Circle


The Hamilton Crop Circle and Gather Baltimore have a mutual mission, to provide Baltimore with sustainable food, any way possible.  Growing, composting, fertilizing and brewing a complete circle of food nutrition.  Listen to the story below and check out the photos above. Also, for more information on Gather, check their website.  And for information about…

Made in Maryland: Sandtown Millworks

photo 1

Sandtown is a tough neighborhood in West Baltimore, where once-beautiful homes have deteriorated over the years. The neighborhood is now fixing up those homes, and uncovering some really good wood in the old bones of the housing stock.  Sandtown Millworks takes that old solid wood and gives it a new life turning it into furniture….

Made in Maryland: Medifast

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Diets. There are just as many of them as there are would be dieters. One Maryland Company has been making pre-portioned meal replacements for the last three decades. Listen to the story below about how Medifast is made. Their website has additional information. MiM MEDIFAST Made in Maryland is a weekly feature on WTMD. It…

Made in Maryland: MacCubbin Guitars

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Maryland is an Appalachian state. Just ask our culture, history, the Mason Dixon Line, and our music. Dave MacCubbin makes traditional guitars in a traditional way, with modern technology. For Made in Maryland this week we take a tour of the Lutherville Luthier workshop of MacCubbin Guitars. Listen to the story below, and check out the…

Made in Maryland: Eli August Soaps

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Eli August makes soap. He also makes music. And many of his soaps are inspired by his music. For Made in Maryland we take a tour of Eli’s West Baltimore home where the inspiration for music and soap come together. One hand, washes the other. Listen to the story below and check out the slide…

Made in Maryland: Victory Racing Plate

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The Preakness is Saturday. All of the horses running in the race have something in common. They all wear shoes. Horseshoes that is. Victory Racing Plate has been making horseshoes of all shapes and sizes for the last 85 years.  One of only two companies left in the country making sport foot-wear for the equine…

Made in Maryland: Bornfriend Pens

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Bryan Bornfriend fell into making pens, on purpose. He wanted to learn a craft that he and his son could share together.  Now after two years of making high quality hand crafted pens, Bornfriend is outgrowing his garage.  Take an audio tour below and check out some photos of the process above. Also check out…

Made in Maryland: Kinetic Sculptures


The American Visionary Art Museum has been holding an annual event for the last 15 years. The Kinetic Sculpture Race has become one of Baltimore’s most beloved spectacles. Part art show, part obstacle course. Kinetinauts ride their sculptures across the city and compete for outrageous prizes and bragging rights. Listen to the story below about…

Made in Maryland: Millstone Cider

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We here at WTMD do not condone or encourage the consumption of alcohol for anyone. However, if you choose to imbibe, this week’s Made in Maryland might just be good for you. A new Apple Cider and Mead manufacturer has converted an old mill in Monkton into a up and coming business, focusing on locally…

Made in Maryland: Nice Package Records

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Vinyl is making a strong comeback, with the dozen or so presses in this country working at capacity. There aren’t any record pressing facilities in Maryland, but there is a company that will hand cut individual records for your project. Nice Package Recording Company will mix and master your music and cut it into a…

Made in Maryland: Domino Sugar


Domino Sugar is more than just a huge red neon sign in the harbor of Baltimore. It is one of the largest sugar refineries in the world. Listen to the story below about the factory. Also, explore the photos above by Melissa Gerr. The sign itself is celebrating it’s 62nd birthday this month. MiM DOMINO…

Made in Maryland: Brubaker Instruments

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Kevin Brubaker has made it.  In more ways than one.  Brubaker Instruments makes high end solid body guitars and basses here in Maryland.  They also have an entry level line of basses being manufactured in China.  For this week’s Made in Maryland episode we visit the Owings Mills workshop of Brubaker Instruments. The shop moved…

Made in Maryland: Mary Sue Easter Eggs

Mary Sue 2

Mary Sue and it’s big pink bunny along 83, is synonymous with Easter here in Baltimore.  But the 65 year old Maryland company makes more than just Easter Eggs.  Chocolates, marshmallows and millions of pounds of Salt Water Taffy comes out of their West Baltimore production plant.  Take a tour of the factory by listening…

Made in Maryland: Waverly Color Company

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Tattoos are very  popular these days.  More people have tattoos now, than ever before.  There are dozens of shops in the area, and quite a number of them use a tattoo ink made locally. Waverly Color Company has been producing tattoo pigment in Baltimore for the last 11 years.   Listen to the story below, and…

Made in Maryland: Harpejji


The Harpejji is a special instrument.  It was conceived and invented here in Maryland by Marcodi Instruments. For this week’s Made in Maryland, we take a tour of the converted Sykesville chicken coop, where the Harpejji is built.  The young instrument has already made a big impact on the music world.  Many composers, musicians, and…