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5 O’Clock Shadow- July 23rd


The original artist is Too Bad. This reggae legend was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. He was a big part of spreading the gospel of reggae music across the globe, particularly with his acting in a 1972 movie about the struggles of a young musician in Jamaica. Oh yeah, you can also see this giant of a man on Saturday at the Believe In Music Festival.

The Shadow artist is also going to be at Oregon Ridge Park for Believe In Music, but he will be with his old Baltimore Band. A group that gets together every now and again for special occasions to unite people, like their name suggests. He is doing this Shadow on his own though, guitar and voice, alone, between heaven and hell. Some call it purgatory, but this song is far more uplifting than the name suggests.

Get on down with the Shadow and with Believe In Music Festival on Saturday.

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 22nd


The original artist loved this hour. He wrote this song for it. Not really, but it was a nice break, and the song is really named after its time signature. This jazz artist wrote many now standard tunes and is regarded as a legend on piano and as a composer and interpreter. He passed away…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 21st


Half of the original artist has a monthly web show where folks come in and play in his house. The other half, has been a guest on the show. Together, they made some very good and very popular songs- including the one today, about a lucrative woman. The Shadow artist believes in music. The quartet…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 17th


The original artist is synonymous with attitude, leather, and Rock-N-Roll in general. These British punk pioneers put this one out on their landmark (like Big Ben) third studio album in 1979. It’s almost a ballad, with themes and imagery of consumerism, shopping, and just generally losing our direction. The Shadow artist can perform for Anyone,…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 16th


I’m getting excited for Artscape weekend- so let’s hear an original juke shakin’ number by Jimmy Preston. We’re gonna hear the version that popularized this very early rock-n-roll song. The original artist is considered to be one of the grandfathers of the Rock-n-Roll genre. If the original artist is grandpa of Rock, then this artist…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 15th


This song has been covered by countless people in many different ways. The Revelations performed a live version of it at WTMD for Live Lunch a couple months ago. The original classic is from a 1969 album that includes other huge songs by this artist with this band. Look to the picture for a clue…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 14th


The original artist just passed away a couple weeks ago. He was a singer/songwriter/producer/guitarist and early on he performed with his family in this group, and they released this song in 1964. Just a few months later the Shadow artist released their version and they scored their first #1 with it in the UK on…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 11th


Although you might not classify them as a “One Hit Wonder”, the original artist today is remembered best for this song, and accompanying video of sketchy motorcyclists. The Norwegian group still made music beyond this 1985 super hit single and album- they evolved with the times, going from synth-pop to alternative, back to synth-pop. They…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 10th


The original artist today was a sultry voiced psychedelic songstress that led a band of brothers that weren’t related. She left the world on-time in 1970 at the rock star age of 27. The song today actually isn’t hers originally. George Gershwin wrote it way back when and it has been Shadowed too many times…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 9th


  The original artist is what you might classify as a “One Hit Wonder”. This British new-wave band is comprised of an underground military. This 1979 song poses a question about relationships and power. The Shadow artist is a band that doesn’t like this humidity, it’s so still it almost has no life at all….

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 8th


The original artist is known for his moan and groan and for being a g-d among men in American music. He has lasted decades and changed his style as often as ladies trends in hats will change. Actually, this song is about one particular style of ladies hat, but really it’s about the blonde under…

5 O’Clock Shadow – July 7th


The original artist is an English progressive rock band that just announced they are coming out with a new album without one of their main ingredient lyricists. One of their original members and singer songwriters left this world eight years ago today. But he actually left the band and the real world decades prior to…

Independence Day Shadow!


The original artist often opened their shows with this song, almost their theme or anthem, which is ironic since they were all birthed in Northern California. But they can still remember this very date- runnin’ through the backwood, bare. The Shadow artist was originally billed as a drag performer from Macon Georgia. This version comes…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 2nd


No other reason to do this Shadow today other than it’s a classic tune by one of the forefathers of The Blues, Robert Johnson. But that’s not the answer. We are gonna hear two Shadow versions today. This song has been Shadowed countless times by the likes of Clapton, Mo, Mahal, Allman and more. Including…

5 O’Clock Shadow- July 1st-


The original artist was an English pop-folk songstress that started her long career with this 1979 song that shines and yearns, but it’s kind of a secret. Her career and her life ended abruptly in 2000 when saving her son in a boating accident. The Shadow artist has a new album out on Bloodshot, and…

5 O’Clock Shadow- June 30th


The original artist is comprised of two names. One is the drummer and two other musicians in the band with the prefix of their name. Though, “Nicks Buk” would have worked just as well for a name for the band. The song today comes from their 1979 album which was considered by many, a weak…