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We’ve rounded up some new thank you gifts when you make your gift of financial support to WTMD.  Plus, we are retiring one very popular gift.  This is the last fund drive we’ll be offering the WTMD hoodie so be sure make your gift today and reserve yours. WTMD wants our thank you gifts to…

News & Culture

The Understudy at The Everyman Theatre


Kicking off their second full season at their new home, The Everyman Theatre opens the 2014/15 season with an theater insider comedy called “The Understudy”. The three person play is about the dynamics of an actor, a stage manager, and the understudy, while getting ready to perform a newly discovered Kafka play. It’s written by…

Downtown Upload: Wesley Stuckey, Designer

Downtown Upload

The Downtown Upload Weekly Podcast, with Megan Isennock from the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore featuring information and interviews on the people and places that make life Good for Downtown . Good for Baltimore. Listen below: Downtown Upload 9-3-14 Previous episodes here.

Albert Brown: Man on Fire


On this morning’s Total Recall, Bob the Paper Guy takes a look at a theatrical performer some might call a one-hit-wonder, but isn’t: Arthur Brown. Ask any flamboyant, made-up mega musician (Kiss, Peter Gabriel) and they’ll tell you that the British rocker and leader of the Crazy World of Arthur Brown had a profound influence…

Pratt Chat Podcast: Roswell Encina with Jacob Hodes of the Pratt Contemporaries

More Than Books

The Pratt Chat Podcast is the on-air incarnation of the official blog of the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Join us for stories about experiences, events, programs, collections, and all kinds of treasures found at the Pratt Library. Listen below: Pratt Chat Episode 1 Previous episodes here.  

Sunny Side Up: Lucius


Lucius brought one of the most fun and best-dressed sessions we’ve had on WTMD’s Sunny Side Up. The new-wave meets girl group alt pop band from Brooklyn features two female lead singers, Holly and Jess, who dress and sound alike. There’s uniformity in what the guys in the band wear too, but what’s not the…

Sunny Side Up: Twin Forks

Chris Carraba

It’s kind of like starting over for Chris Carrabba. And that’s just the way the Dashboard Confessional frontman wants it! It’s very blue collar the way he’s going about fronting his new Americana harmonizing band, Twin Forks while the other is on extended hiatus. He’s reluctant to capitalize on the massive success of the open-hearted…

Sunny Side Up: Ozomatli

ozo 3

Ozomatli, the Latin underground funk, hip-hop & world beat party instigators from Los Angeles, are back with a new album called “Place in the Sun.” They stopped by WTMD for Sunny Side Up session to talk about working with Dave Stewart of the Eurythymics, having a day named after them in their home city and…

Sunny Side Up: Del McCoury Band

Del McCourey Band

There’s nobody you’ll ever come across in music that’s as genuine of a gentleman as Del McCoury. AND he helped put Maryland on the festival map, by founding the annual Memorial Day camping extravaganza DelFest! The 75-year-old Pennsylvania native, who met up with the Godfather of Bluegrass Bill Monroe in our fair city, fondly recalls…

5 O’Clock Shadow- September 19th


The original artist is a band that I learned about listening to WTMD about seven years ago when this single came out from their second album. The band represents the work of one man in particular, but embodies a much broader community- a label, a collective, a lowest common denominator. The song was Shadowed notably…

5 O’clock Shadow- September 18th


The original artist didn’t start a dance craze, but more of a funny meme after an appearance on David Letterman’s show. The Baltimore band released a critically and consumer friendly album earlier this year called Singles. This song was the crazy dancing single that you likely heard first on WTMD. The Shadow artist is an…