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Baltimore Hit Parade

If it’s made in Baltimore, you’ll hear it on Baltimore Hit Parade — every Tuesday at 9 p.m. and Sunday at 4 p.m.

I'm Sam, WTMD's Baltimore Music Coordinator.

I’m Sam, WTMD’s Baltimore Music Coordinator.

Baltimore Hit Parade showcases the best of the Baltimore music scene through album cuts, live performances and interviews. Hosted by Sam Sessa, formerly The Baltimore Sun’s entertainment editor, the show is a weekly tour through Charm City’s music scene. Anything is fair game, including rock, pop, blues, bluegrass and experimental music.

With features like the Baltimore Backtrack, Sessa digs into the city’s music history to profile bands from decades past. And Baltimore musicians often select their favorite songs from fellow Baltimore musicians with Players’ Picks.

But WTMD’s commitment to Baltimore music goes beyond Baltimore Hit Parade. The station plays Baltimore bands every day, side-by-side with national artists. We believe quality music should be heard by all – no matter where it comes from.

Since he began hosting the show in 2006, Sam Sessa has interviewed hundreds of Baltimore bands, covered events such as South by Southwest and the Virgin Mobile Festival and contributed music news stories to the station’s daily shows.

Local support for Baltimore Hit Parade comes from:

Holy Frijoles


Rocket to Venus

SOLD OUT! — WTMD’s Dirty Soul Party presents Baltimore Soul Revue


Update: This show is sold out! Thank you! On Saturday, September 13, WTMD’s Dirty Soul Party brings you the Baltimore Soul Revue, featuring the legendary soul singers The Softones, Winfield Parker and Sheila Ross of the Royalettes, performing live with the Bellevederes. Winfield Parker played saxophone in Little Richard’s band and backed up Otis Redding…

Furthur Bus, John Kadlecik come to The 8×10 Tuesday

The Furthur Bus brings its 50th anniversary tour to The 8x10 today.

The Furthur Bus, the second generation of Ken Kesey’s wild trip across the country, is coming to The 8×10 this afternoon, according to the club’s co-owner Brian Shupe. Fifty years after the original trip, Kesey’s son Zane is re-creating his father’s journey around America in a decades-old psychedelic school bus, and plans to park it…

SOLD OUT: WTMD’s first film screening – ‘Call Girl of Cthulhu’ on Aug. 20


Update: This screening is now sold out. Thanks, and see you Wednesday night! Join us Wednesday August 20th for our very first movie night at WTMD studios, featuring a screening of “Call Girl of Cthulhu,” a new movie from critically acclaimed DIY Baltimore filmmaker Chris LaMartina. It’s the first Baltimore screening of the film, which…

Weekends becomes the loudest band to play WTMD

The cover to "New Humans," the most recent album from Weekends.

Moments before our live recording with Baltimore post-punk duo Weekends, I had a moment of pure terror when I realized they had plugged one guitar into three amps — two guitar amps and a bass amp. And they were all cranked. “I’ll be back in a minute,” I said, and ran to my desk to…

9 CDs I can’t believe I bought in the ’90s


Not long ago, I went back to my parent’s house, looked at my old CD collection and almost threw up in my mouth a little bit. It wasn’t just that I had gone to Sam Goody and paid $15.99 for “Spiceworld”  (the second album from the Spice Girls). The worst part was, I remember rocking…

Baltimore Backtrack – Hammerjacks calendar for October 1988

A look at the lineup for Hammerjack's in October of 1988

Ask anyone who was young in Baltimore back in the ’80s and they’ll talk your ear off about how great it was to go see bands at Hammerjacks. The club, which was torn down in 1997 to make way for an M&T Bank Stadium parking lot, hosted some of the biggest rock and hair metal…