DetourEvery Sunday at 5 pm host Paul Hartman dives deep into Americana, Folk, and World music. Detour is home to some of the most interesting music on and off the beaten track you’ll find on the radio.

Besides roots music from North America, you’re liable to hear the nyckelharpa from Scandinavia, Zulu guitar from Africa, log drums from the South Pacific islands, and other folk and roots-based music as we detour around the globe, no passport required! Acoustic, electric, traditional, contemporary all fit under the Detour umbrella.

Host Paul Hartman brings years of expertise through his more than 20 years as publisher and editor of Dirty Linen, the magazine of Folk and World Music.

Each edition of Detour is archived for one week so you can listen at your convenience.

The annual Detour April Fool’s Day show!

April Fool's Day on April 3rd? Why not? Today is the annual April Fool's Day laughapalooza on Detour, the folk, [...]

Paul “Detour” Hartman’s Top 10 of 2015

Sorry, I cheated and added #11, which is a new release of a 1987 concert. Two bands from the Baltimore [...]

Today on Detour 11/29/15

Time for a Detour tradition: Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant" on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This is "The Massacree Revisited," a [...]

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