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Your support means a lot to us.

Underwriters are vital to our public service mission of bringing quality music and arts programming to an ever-expanding community of listeners.
Corporate underwriting  on WTMD  has the impact of traditional radio marketing with the benefit of supporting a well-respected Baltimore  non-profit media organization. It’s an effective way to build business, brand your company, announce events, and bring your company to the attention to thousands of listeners and website visitors. All while helping pay to make the music happen.

Underwriters on WTMD gain several advantages:

  • Direct access to a concentrated, affluent audience with a powerful, personal commitment to WTMD
  • Name recognition among professionals and business leaders likely to be interested in your products and services
  • Credibility by associating with intelligent, in-depth journalism and cultural programs from National Public Radio (NPR) and the WTMD staff
  • Appreciation from your colleagues, customers and peers, who will recognize your commitment to the community

The WTMD corporate underwriting team can help you design a schedule of underwriting announcements that meets your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals. Your company’s underwriting plan can range from exclusive sponsorship of a particular program to a schedule that spans all segments of the day. You may also become a partner in one of our special events as well as in our corporate challenge programs that help encourage individual memberships from our listeners.

Call Chris Hawkins, Underwriting Sales Manager, at 410 704-5307 or email to learn more about WTMD sponsorships.

WTMD reaches more than 70,000 listeners every week

WTMD Audience Facts

  • 55% of exercised 12+ in a Health Club – Index 193
  • 72% have purchased 12+ books from a book store – Index 219
  • 21% plan to buy furniture in the next year – Index 122
  • 34% are frequent restaurant diners (4+ times in 2 weeks) – Index 273
  • 57% bought men’s clothing in the past month – Index 151
  • 57% bought woman’s clothing in the past month – Index 121

Media Audit, Spring 2010 – Market average: Index 100