WTMD’s New Facility: FAQ

Many of our listeners have been calling and emailing with questions about the new facility. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions and publisheWTMD's New space in the Towson City Centerd them here.  We’ll add to them from time to time as you think of more ways we can utilize the new space to become a community clubhouse for music and culture.  To the right is an artist rendering of Towson City Center–WTMD’s space is all the way to right in the one-story annex building.

1)    When will WTMD move?

 We expect to move this Fall.  But with any construction project there are bound to shifts in the construction timeline. We’ll keep everyone informed as we move along so check our website and subscribe to our e-newsletter to up to date.

2)    What’s it going to look like?

We envision the space to be a true meeting space, even a clubhouse, for our listeners and the public.  It’s going to have very high ceilings in parts of it to give a very urban feel. And it’s also going to have large public spaces for events. We want the space to inviting enough so that listeners will want to grab a lunch at any of the area eateries and come over to listen music in the station.

3)    What kind of events will take place at the station?

 We’ll host live lunch-time concert broadcasts that will be open to the public. We’ll also host station fundraising events and even allow members to rent the community spaces for social events like weddings, bar mitzvahs and retirement celebrations.

The space is also designed to show movies and we plan to host film festivals and premiers from area filmmakers. We’ll also host screenings from the talented student filmmakers at Towson University.

The space will also function occasionally as an art gallery as well. We’ll look to showcase paintings, sculpture and other works.

Our goal is to provide an audience for as many musicians and artists as possible.

4)   How Do I Rent the Station for A Birthday Party?

Once the station is built, we’ll allow WTMD members and corporate donors to rent the community space for private events.  We’ll announce the details a couple of months before we open. Sign up for the WTMD newsletter to keep up to date on social and corporate rentals.

5)    Why Did You Choose Towson City Center for the new station?

 This 8,000 square foot facility is in a prime location in downtown Towson.  The additional height the building provides for our transmitter will enable us to provide a better and slightly larger signal. Also, about half of our members live in Baltimore County or Northern Baltimore City and we felt this would an ideal location.

In addition, Towson University is moving several units that deal with the public to Towson City Center to free up valuable classroom space on campus.  You can see more about all the units moving at towson.edu

6)    Can I see a floor plan?

Not quite yet.  There are a few details we have to figure out before we make the floor plan or any renderings public. Our plan is to release details about the new space as they are finalized. Sign up for WTMD’s e-newsletter and you’ll be among the first to know!

7)    How much bigger and better will the signal get?

We’ve done the engineering studies and we believe the new antenna will provide a better grade signal in our current coverage area.  That means there should be fewer areas where our signal has some static to it. We also expect the signal will provide a bit more coverage to the west of Baltimore City providing service to western Howard and eastern Montgomery counties.  But we won’t know the exact impact until we install it.

8)    Will it reach into Washington, DC?

         No.  The FCC licenses stations and each station must not interfere with stations on adjacent frequencies.

9)    What about parking at Towson City Center?

The new station will be within walking distance of many people who live and work in downtown Towson.  There will a visitors lot at TCC and there is a County Parking Garage within a two block walk.  There is also a lot street parking in the blocks surrounding the building. We’ll create a directions and parking sheet as we get closer to opening.