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In these interesting times we all need to support what matters and WTMD makes my daily life better. Thank you for everything that you do!
Nicholas, Nottingham, MD
You guys are my happy place on the radio especially now when we need to embrace the happiness in our lives whenever possible-Thanks for keeping me smiling and dancing to the beat!!
Elizabeth, Baltimore, MD
I love WTMD! And you’re my lifeline right now. You support local music so well and I love Weasel too (and his encyclopedic knowledge!). I’m donating what I can at the moment to try to help out.. Stay well; stay on the air! 🙂
Jennifer, Belcamp, MD
We really enjoyed the Pulse concert last night! Looking forward to the one next week. WTMD goes out of its way to bring listeners unique experiences–we truly appreciate all the special programming that you have been sharing with us during these unusual times.
Linda, Westminster, MD
The variety of music played on TMD is incredible and it has totally opened my horizons both in terms of new music and historical information about long-established artists. The vast knowledge displayed by the hosts is icing on the cake. Keep it going!
Spencer, Towson, MD
Love your play list. Today’s johnny cash Gods gonna cut you down followed by new Lucinda Williams. Burning bridges was awesome and just what I needed to give my day a boost. Please keep doing what you do. I listen via streaming from NC – used to live in Baltimore area years ago and glad I can still enjoy your music community.
Karen, Apex, NC
I’ve loved WTMD for almost 20 years. The station is one of my absolute favorite parts of living in Baltimore; I can’t imagine the city without it. Right now during a time when I can’t go to concerts it feels like the only “live” experience of music I get is from the radio. In addition your streaming concerts are wonderful: please keep it up. Your quirky music selection your intelligent DJ commentary and the free shows you sponsor in the community are essential.
Hilary, Baltimore, MD
Inspired by WTMD’s awesome new music my friends and I started a fantasy DJ league to help get us through these crazy quarantine times. Each week we all send in our “song of the week” listen to each other’s submissions (there are 11 of us) and rank our favorites. Then we get to see who submitted the group’s favorite song of the week. We love new music and since WTMD is a huge inspiration to us I wanted to get signed up to donate. Love you all!
Scott, Baltimore, MD
I have been listening to WTMD for over 10 years. I relied on it while I lived in Spain for two years and continue to listen everyday even as I live in New York now. Although small I want to do what I can to ensure the community can enjoy this radio station.
Julia, Union City, NJ
I have been home so long with little interaction and the station keeps me positive. I need this. I also am a huge fan of 1st Thursdays and have had calls from my friends who we would be there tonight laughing it up. Thanks
Daniel, Aberdeen, MD

Introducing WTMD’s Saturday Morning Tunes TV

Concerts are definitely not happening right now. But the show MUST go on! And we are super pumped to bring you Saturday Morning Tunes TV, a new series with tons of fun stuff to entertain and educate (but mostly entertain) your kids. Read more…

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The 5 O’clock Shadow

The 5 O’clock Shadow: Thursday October 22, 2020

This quintessential English art rock band turned a 1960’s psychedelic gem into a top 50 hit on the Billboard dance charts in 1980. It’s smooth, accessible and danceable no matter how high you fly or where you touch down.

The original version of this song is […]

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