Our Mission:

WTMD’s mission is to be the most trusted radio  source for music and cultural programming in the Baltimore region. We believe that music has the power to change our moods, our minds and our world.  This page contains a lot of information about the station and how we approach our daily tasks.  And we want you to know the staff is devoted to bringing you the best music and programming available on the radio dial.

WTMD is licensed by the FCC to Towson University.

WTMD is operated by Towson University Public Media, Inc. (“TUPM”), a non-profit organization that assumed operation of the station from the Towson University Foundation on July 1, 2014. TUPM is an “affiliated foundation” of Towson University. The list of the Board of Directors of TUPM can be found here.

TUPM was formed to take over operation of WTMD from the Towson University Foundation and serve as a dedicated organization focused on the pursuit of WTMD’s mission. WTMD is now a trade name of TUPM. Donations and payments to WTMD go to TUPM for the success and operation of WTMD.

Our Music:

WTMD plays music that matters; music that has the potential to make a difference and advance the craft of songwriting.  We bring new voices to the air that are often overlooked by the mainstream media and look for credibility and authenticity in the music we play.  We also believe that exceptional music can come from anywhere, including our own backyard, So WTMD is relentlessly local and provides air-play and opportunities to Baltimore’s musicians.

Listener Motivated:

We begin each task and project focused on how to best serve our listeners. We understand that to achieve our goals and mission, our decision making process must be driven to by a desire to serve our audience to the best of our ability. We involve our listener, directly or indirectly, in our planning processes and consult with our listeners regularly.

Community Focused:

WTMD develops partnership and events that enhance the quality of life in the Baltimore region. We provide significant opportunities for Baltimore musicians to develop their fan bases.  Our guiding principles steer us to work with organizations providing services and support to peoples in need and those the inspire creativity.  We want to bring solutions to our challenges as individuals and as a community to the air. In short, we seek to enhance the quality of life in Baltimore. FAQ about WTMD’s Community Involvement

WTMD embraces the Public Media Code Of Integrity and seeks to bring extraordinary community service and transparency.  Click Here to read the code.

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Towson University Public Media, inc., an Affiliated Foundation within the University of Maryland System, is an equal opportunity employer.  TUPM encourages interest in our position openings from all individuals and communities.

Our public file is available for inspection during regular business hours at our offices at Towson City Center, 1 Olympic Place, Towson, MD 21204