WTMD believes, as a non-profit, noncommercial radio station, that we need to be as transparent in our governance processes and financial accountability. WTMD/Towson University Public Media and Towson University are committed to engaging with our listeners and community.  Our public records can be inspected at the station during normal business hours and we will post as much information as possible and appropriate on this website. Towson University Public Media will make our 990 IRS reports available on the website once completed and filed.

Who owns and runs WTMD

WTMD is licensed to and owned by Towson University, a state institution of higher learning and part of the University System of Maryland.  The Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland serves as WTMD’s ultimate governing board.  A list of USM Regents Members can be found here.   A list of the Board of Regents open meetings can be found here.  We link to these sites so you are able to access the most up to date information about our governance.

WTMD is operated by Towson University Public Media, Inc. (“TUPM”), a non-profit organization that assumed operation of the station from the Towson University Foundation on July 1, 2014. TUPM is an “affiliated foundation” of Towson University. The list of the Board of Directors of TUPM can be found here. The USM policy of Affiliated Foundations can be found here.  Towson University retains ownership of the station’s license and all assets associated with WTMD.

TUPM was formed to take over operation of WTMD from the Towson University Foundation and serve as a dedicated organization focused on the pursuit of WTMD’s mission. WTMD is now a trade name of TUPM. Donations and payments to WTMD go to TUPM for the success and operation of WTMD. The management agreement that governs the relationship between Towson University and Towson University Public Media, Inc. can be found here.

Our Mission and Values Statement along with our EEO reports for the Federal Communications Commission can be found here.

Our Station Activities Survey detailing our community engagement can be found here.


WTMD consists of four distinct divisions:

Programming:  Our programming department is headed by Scott Mullins, Program Director.  All On-Air and Production staff members report to Scott.

Membership:  Kristin Bachran is our Director of Membership and is responsible for all aspects of fund raising including fund drives, gift processing, volunteer management and membership communications.

Leadership Giving and Foundation Support:  Amy Hall, Manager of Individual giving and Foundation Support, oversees members who contribute $500 or more the station annually. Amy hosts these members at special events.  Amy also solicits, writes and documents WTMD’s grant applications and administers the grants that we receive.

Underwriting and Sponsorships: Andy Grimshaw leads our Underwriting Department which solicits corporate and business sponsorships for our programming.  He also ensures that the copy used in on air announcements meets FCC requirements.

Contact information for our senior staff can be found on our staff directory page.