1. Mission and Values Statement
  2. Governance Structure
  3. Organization
  4. Finances
  5. Towson University Public Media Board of Directors

Mission and Values Statement

WTMD is the most trusted source for music and cultural programming in the region and Baltimore’s home for Total Music Discovery. We believe a rich, vibrant, thriving and diverse music and arts scene can elevate a city and enrich the lives of its residents. With listener support, WTMD strengthens communities and provides unmatched opportunities for Baltimore musicians and artists. WTMD connects artists with audiences through significant and meaningful airplay, live concerts, art openings, film screenings and more.

WTMD embraces the Public Media Code Of Integrity and seeks to bring extraordinary community service and transparency.  Click Here to read the code.

Towson University Public Media, inc., an Affiliated Foundation within the University of Maryland System, is an equal opportunity employer.  TUPM encourages interest in our position openings from all individuals and communities. FCC EEO Reports can be found here.

Our public file is available for inspection during regular business hours at our offices at Towson City Center, 1 Olympic Place, Towson, MD 21204.

Governance Structure

WTMD is licensed to and owned by Towson University, a state institution of higher learning and part of the University System of Maryland.  The Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland serves as WTMD’s ultimate governing board.  A list of USM Regents Members can be found here.   A list of the Board of Regents open meetings can be found here.  We link to these sites so you are able to access the most up to date information about our governance.

WTMD is operated by Towson University Public Media, Inc. (“TUPM”), a non-profit organization that assumed operation of the station from the Towson University Foundation on July 1, 2014. TUPM is an “affiliated foundation” of Towson University. The list of the Board of Directors of TUPM can be found below. The USM policy of Affiliated Foundations can be found here.  Towson University retains ownership of the station’s license and all assets associated with WTMD.

TUPM was formed to take over operation of WTMD from the Towson University Foundation and serve as a dedicated organization focused on the pursuit of WTMD’s mission. WTMD is now a trade name of TUPM. Donations and payments to WTMD go to TUPM for the success and operation of WTMD. The management agreement that governs the relationship between Towson University and Towson University Public Media, Inc. can be found here.


WTMD consists of three distinct divisions:

Programming:  Our programming department is headed by Carrie Evans, Interim Program Director.  All On-Air and Production staff members report to Carrie.

Development:  Kristin Laporte is our Director of Development & Marketing and is responsible for individual gift fund raising, leadership giving, grants, marketing, volunteer management and member communications.

Underwriting and Sponsorships: Andy Grimshaw leads our Underwriting Department which solicits corporate and business sponsorships for our programming.  He also ensures that the copy used in on air announcements meets FCC requirements.

Contact information for our senior staff can be found on our staff directory page.


WTMD receives funding from our listeners, corporate sponsors, Towson University, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and other foundations  and grant making organizations.  Members of the public are encouraged to contact the General Manager to review these reports, have them explained and to provide time for members of the public to ask questions about our finances. As owners of WTMD, Towson University provides all occupancy and leaseholder costs to the station while Towson University Public Media, Inc. manages the day-to-day fundraising and operational expenses of the station under a management agreement and USM policy on affiliated foundations.

Each year, WTMD is audited by Stoy Malone, a Certified Public Accounting firm.  This audit tests our financial systems and provides reports to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting on which our annual Community Service Grant is calculated.  Our fiscal year ends on June 30th and latest audit is generally available the following January. Copies of our audits are available here. Our finance department is run by Kirsten Scofield, Director of Finance & Administration.

Towson University Public Media Board of Directors

President: Alan Hoff

Treasurer: Pete Waxter

Secretary: Rich Barnstein

Toby Blumenthal

James Piper Bond

Sean Welsh

Brian DeFilippis

Benjamin Lowenthal

Michael Pizzitola

James Thomas, Jr.

Kendall Whitfield

Natalie Lane

Bailey Susic

Toni Fung

Shawn McMahon

Milton Dugger

Announcements of board meetings can be found here.