Underwriters are vital to our public service mission of bringing quality music and arts programming to an ever-expanding community of listeners.

Corporate underwriting  on WTMD  has the impact of traditional radio marketing with the benefit of supporting a well-respected Baltimore  non-profit media organization. It’s an effective way to build business, brand your company, announce events, and bring your company to the attention to thousands of listeners and website visitors. All while helping pay to make the music happen.

Underwriters on WTMD gain several advantages:

  • Direct access to a concentrated, affluent audience with a powerful, personal commitment to WTMD
  • Name recognition among professionals and business leaders likely to be interested in your products and services
  • Credibility by associating with intelligent, in-depth journalism and cultural programs from National Public Radio (NPR) and the WTMD staff
  • Appreciation from your colleagues, customers and peers, who will recognize your commitment to the community

Call Andy Grimshaw, Director of Sales, at 410-307-1674 or email agrimshaw@wtmd.org to learn more about WTMD sponsorships.

WTMD Audience Facts

  • 42% Household income of $100,000+ – Index 141

  • $93,000 Median household income

  • 24% plan to take college level courses in the next 12-mos. – Index 240

  • 70% of our listeners own their home

  • 34% Home value of $200,000 – $499,000 – Index 145

  • 38% have single and/or advanced degrees – Index 148

  • 34% of our listeners have a retirement or college savings plan – Index 127

  • 14% have a Roth IRA – Index 187

  • 72% have attended rock/pop music concert in the past 12-mos. – Index 465

  • 13% have attended country music concert in the past 12-mos. – Index 240

  • 57% have visited bars or night clubs in the past 4-weeks – Index 192

  • 26% have drunk beer 6+ past 2-weeks – Index 546

  • 39% are financial optimists – better off in 6-mos. from now – Index 117

  • 31% of our listeners are affluent full nesters – index 173

GfK MRI Doublebase 2018 – Base: Total U.S. Adults
/Media Audit, Fall 2013 – Market average: Index 100

What our underwriters are saying about WTMD

Over the years we have spent thousands of dollars and hours at a variety of events and by far Saturday morning tunes has been the most valuable. From an entertainment level the kids (and adults) always have a blast as every detail of the morning is perfectly planned. Selfishly from a marketing standpoint the exposure our shop has received by being at the concert series is incredible. Parents are an extremely valuable market for us as many times they result in new bikes and accessories for the whole family. I can say with confidence we have a sale like this weekly that is directly linked to Saturday Morning Tunes.

Race Pace Bicycles

We could not ask for a better marketing partner than WTMD.  They treat us like family and take a personal interest in our local restaurant by embracing our diversity and providing innovative ideas to better connect with their dedicated listeners. The station’s enthusiasm for quality music, culture and local business is contagious and fosters a unified community that we are proud to be part of!

Andrea Bossano, Alma Cocina Latina

We absolutely love the programming on 89.7 WTMD!  It’s so compatible with the incredible talents that we book at Rams Head On Stage! 89.7 WTMD has preserved the spirit and concept of the Triple A format and they are terrific, responsive partners.

In a world of radio station ‘sellouts’, WTMD shows great integrity in preserving the format.

Laura Price, Rams Head On Stage

Comedies. Love stories. Tear-jerkers. History chronicles. At the nonprofit Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, we perform the great classic stories that capture the human experience, and we often incorporate contemporary music in our staging of these plays. That makes WTMD a perfect promotional partner: You curate each of your shows with care and hand-picked music. We’re two of a kind.  Our audiences are alike in their appreciation for well-chosen storytelling and melodies.  Who but WTMD  appreciates and helps us celebrate that hundreds (if not more!) contemporary songs mention Romeo and Juliet! (Shout if you ever want to do a special show devoted to this, OK? Really. We mean it.)  When we expanded our programming from Howard County into Baltimore, WTMD was right there to help us broaden our reach and find new customers in the greater metro region. Well played, WTMD.  We love working with you.

Jean Thompson, Chesapeake Shakespeare Company