Welcome to Saturday Morning Tunes, an award-winning, family friendly concert series!

When we were growing up, kids’ music — let alone kids’ concerts — was pretty lame. Our mission: To present concerts you can enjoy with your kids — not just for your kids. The shows are every month, September through June, on Saturday mornings, broadcast live on the radio with a live audience. We’ve had members of They Might Be Giants, Barry Louis Polisar (who wrote the theme song to “Juno”), Latin Grammy winner 1,2,3, Andres, world music star Falu, Baltimore kids rock stars Milkshake and Baby Beats, and many more.

**Admission includes organic snacks for kids (fig bars & honest juice) from Eddie’s of Roland Park, coffee (for adults) from Garrison Forest School, bicycle rides (for kids) from Race Pace Bicycles and more! We’re also happy to welcome our latest sponsor, the B&O Railroad Museum.**

2020 Season

Saturday Morning Tunes Livestream Concerts

If you’re stuck at home with the kids and looking to entertain them with something other than “Frozen 2” for the 12th time, we’ve got you covered. 

Saturday Morning Tunes Livestream Concerts bring stars of the kids music scene to your smartphone, laptop and TV Saturdays at 9 a.m. on the WTMD Facebook Page. They’re free, and sure to get your little ones dancing. 

Sponsored in part by Garrison Forest School, Race Pace Bicycles, The Music Space, Tropicool Italian Ice, The Peabody Preparatory of the Johns Hopkins University, Creative City Public Charter School in Northwest Baltimore City and (cool) progeny.

Here is the lineup of shows:

9 a.m. Saturday June 13: Jimi HaHa (of Jimmie’s Chicken Shack)

In his youth, Jimi HaHa (Jimi Davies) was a bed wetter and thumb sucker. He’s been peeling the labels off crayons and creating art since he was three. He spent the last twenty years of his life dodging employment by touring the world with his multi-aluminum selling rock band Jimmie’s Chicken Shack. He also plays in Jarflys. He is a not so disappointing son, adequate husband and anxious father. He ekes out a living selling paintings, playing music and publishing the quarterly art publication Up.St.ART Annapolis.

April 25 – Dan + Claudia Zanes at WTMD

***UPDATE: Following the recent announcement and guidance by Towson University, WTMD’s Saturday Morning Tunes show featuring Dan + Claudia Zanes on March 14 will be postponed to Saturday April 25. It’s our shared desire to protect the public health and safety of the Baltimore community and families from the spread of COVID-19. We thank you for your understanding.***

We’re excited to welcome the Grammy-winning musician Dan Zanes and his wife, Claudia, for their first Saturday Morning Tunes show!

Dan and Claudia Zanes recently moved to Baltimore, and are some of the best kindie performers out there. Dan’s first album for children and adults, “Rocket Ship Beach,” came out in 2000, and was an immediate hit. His albums have featured guest performances from Sheryl Crow, Suzanne Vega, Lou Reed, Aimee Mann, Dar Williams and others.

In 2007, Zanes received the Grammy Award for Best Musical Album for Children for Catch That Train! (2006) and produced a children’s reggae CD with Father Goose called “Its a Bam Bam Diddly”, which also features Sister Carol and Sheryl Crow.

In early 2009, Zanes’ ¡Nueva York! (featuring Saturday Morning Tunes alum Sonia De Los Santos) won in The 8th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Children’s Music Album. His seventh album, “76 Trombones” was a Broadway/Showtune themed album, featuring guest vocalists Matthew Broderick, Carol Channing, and Brian Stokes Mitchell.

Doors open at 9 a.m., and the music starts at 9:30 a.m. with an opening act Mr. Will & Friends. Dan and Claudia go live at 10 a.m. at WTMD’s peformance studio, 1 Olympic Place in Towson. Admission includes coffee (for the adults) from Garrison Forest School, bicycle rides (for the kids) from Race Pace Bicycles, an instrument petting zoo from The Music Space and organic snacks. Other sponsors include the Maryland Institute College of Art and the B&O Railroad Museum.

About the series

Since Saturday Morning Tunes launched in January 2017, more than 8,000 different parents and kids from all across Maryland and beyond have come to one of our concerts for the whole family. We had 1,200 parents and kids at our Phish show alone!

NEW: you can now purchase gift tickets which are good for any of our upcoming kids’ concerts. Because why not give someone an experience instead of a thing? You’ll receive e-tickets which can be printed and presented at the front door.

**Family Four Packs are good for any combination of four people. Also, even though it’s free for them, please be sure to reserve a spot for your under 2-year-old. so we have an accurate head count.**

Tickets are a donation to WTMD, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and are non-refundable. By purchasing tickets, you also become a WTMD member! Proceeds from this concert help support children’s programming on-air and in our community.


Download a

Download a poster!


Doors open at 9 a.m. and the concerts start at 9:30 a.m. Our usual shows at WTMD run until 11 a.m., with an opener and a headliner. But our Beatles Family Festival will feature a headliner (Yellow Dubmarine) playing two sets, and different musicians on the outdoor stage performing acoustic Beatles tunes.

Very! The WTMD performance studio is a bright, clean environment with comfy furniture that’s ideal for climbing and sitting. Both our men’s and women’s bathrooms have stainless steel changing tables, and stools for our bathroom sinks.

Yes, they are included in the ticket price, thanks to Eddie’s of Roland Park. We have fig bars and organic fruit strips as well as Horizon organic regular and chocolate milk and Honest juice. Each kid can have one two-pack of fig bars, a fruit strip and either a juice or milk carton.

Race Pace Bicycles sets up bicycles with training wheels for children to ride around the enclosed plaza outside our studio. They are trained professionals, and provide helmets and bicycles for children who are just learning how to ride to children who are a little older and more experienced. It’s a blast!

It changes from concert to concert, but generally speaking, 0-7 years old is our sweet spot. Also, we keep the music at a reasonable volume level, and offer earplugs for toddlers and adults.

Last year, Baltimore Magazine named Saturday Morning Tunes a Best of Baltimore award winner! They wrote, “Kids can rejoice at this awesome new concert series, tailored just for them. Tip back a juice box and get ready to rock out.”

There is a free visitor lot across the street from the station, and plenty of street and garage parking in Towson.

Yes, you can park outside with your blinkers on, load your stroller into the street-level elevator, take it up one floor and park the stroller on the plaza outside the studio. But honestly it might just be easier to carry your baby in.

Our performance studio is only a few years old, and the bathrooms are still nice and new. Both the men’s and women’s bathrooms have stainless steel infant changing tables in them.

There are some soft, comfy tiered romper chairs around the perimeter of the performance studio, but most of the kids and parents sit or stand on our wooden floors. We’ve found that fixed seating and kids at a concert generally don’t mix.

Garrison Forest School includes coffee in the price of all tickets. And they have all the fixin’s. It’s just what us parents need. You can find them in the conference room, adjacent to the main performance studio.

Sadly, no. But we’ll let you know if anything changes!

Great question! You can email our membership director, Kristin Laporte, at klaporte@wtmd.org

Baltimore magazine’s Reading Corner mixes musical merriment with some reading fun! Be sure to participate in their take a book, leave a book station and share some literature love with Reading Rock Stars of all ages. Don’t worry, parents are reading rock stars too and can read along with a complimentary issue of Baltimore.