Concert that kids and adults can agree on!

Welcome to Saturday Morning Tunes, an award-winning, family friendly concert series, hosted at the WTMD performance studio in Towson!

The shows are every month on Saturday mornings, broadcast live on the radio with a live studio audience. We’ve had members of They Might Be Giants, Barry Louis Polisar (who wrote the theme song to “Juno”), Latin Grammy winner 1,2,3, Andres, world music star Falu, Baltimore kids rock stars Milkshake and Baby Beats, and more.

Tickets include organic snacks, juice (for the kids), coffee (for the adults), bicycle rides, arts & crafts and more.

May 11 – The Baltimore Rock Opera Society Presents “Welcome To Shakesville”

“Welcome to Shakesville” is a puppet filled romp through the magical world of 1960s psychedelia. The show centers on a rock band that whose lead singer has suddenly disappeared right as they are pioneering a new musical style and are at the peak of their greatest success. The songs are steeped in the popular musical styles of the time with a special focus on psychedelic rock and a dash of early ’60s surf rock. The search for our missing minstrel brings the audience along to a magical puppet-populated world called Shakesville that will be full of color, felt, musical beings, and some mysterious secrets!

Bring your kids to see their first Baltimore Rock Opera Society performance at WTMD! This show is at our performance studio, at 1 Olympic Place in Towson. Doors open at 9 a.m. and the music starts at 9:30 a.m.

Phish kids tribute concert with Phoam June 8 at Power Plant Live!

If you’re a Phish fan with young kids, you’ve probably wanted to bring them with you to share your love of this incredible band. Now you can — at Power Plant Live’s covered outdoor plaza, with Phoam, Baltimore’s best Phish tribute band.

Phoam features members of Psycho Killers, ELM and Weekapaug Orchestra, who, together, have seen more than 300 Phish shows and pay close attention to Phish’s delicate and challenging compositions. Plus, they know how to groove.

So many of Phish’s songs are kid-friendly, and with Phish playing two sold-out shows at Merriweather Post Pavilion later in June, this is a chance to take your kids to see Phish’s music live and still get home for nap time.

Admission to this show includes organic snacks and juice from Eddies of Roland Park, kids bicycle rides from Race Pace Bicycles, as well as coffee for adults from Garrison Forest School. Also, kids can take a book and leave a book at Baltimore Magazine’s Reading Corner.

Phoam will play two sets! Doors open at 10:30 a.m. and the show starts at 11 a.m. and runs through 12:30 p.m. Tickets are available below.

**Family Four Packs are good for any combination of four people. Also, even though it’s free for them, please be sure to reserve a spot for your under 2-year-old. so we have an accurate head count.**

Tickets are a donation to WTMD, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and are non-refundable. Proceeds from this concert help support children’s programming on-air and in our community. This show is rain or shine, but don’t worry — the area by the stage is covered. After making a donation below, you’ll receive an email with your tickets.

Kids 2 and up14.00
Family Four-Pack50.00
Kids under 20.00
Your tickets will be emailed to the address you provide PayPal for the Saturday Morning Tunes Phish tribute for kids with Phoam at Power Plant Live.


  • March 23: SaulPaul at WTMD’s performance studio

  • April show TBA!

  • May 11: The Baltimore Rock Opera Society presents “Welcome to Shakesville” at WTMD

  • June 8: Phish tribute for kids with Phoam at Power Plant Live

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Doors open at 9 a.m. and the concerts start at 9:30 a.m. Our usual shows at WTMD run until 11 a.m., with an opener and a headliner. But our Beatles Family Festival will feature a headliner (Yellow Dubmarine) playing two sets, and different musicians on the outdoor stage performing acoustic Beatles tunes.

Very! The WTMD performance studio is a bright, clean environment with comfy furniture that’s ideal for climbing and sitting. Both our men’s and women’s bathrooms have stainless steel changing tables, and stools for our bathroom sinks.

Yes, they are included in the ticket price, thanks to Eddie’s of Roland Park. We have fig bars and organic fruit strips as well as Horizon organic regular and chocolate milk and Honest juice. Each kid can have one two-pack of fig bars, a fruit strip and either a juice or milk carton.

Race Pace Bicycles sets up bicycles with training wheels for children to ride around the enclosed plaza outside our studio. They are trained professionals, and provide helmets and bicycles for children who are just learning how to ride to children who are a little older and more experienced. It’s a blast!

It changes from concert to concert, but generally speaking, 0-7 years old is our sweet spot. Also, we keep the music at a reasonable volume level, and offer earplugs for toddlers and adults.

Last year, Baltimore Magazine named Saturday Morning Tunes a Best of Baltimore award winner! They wrote, “Kids can rejoice at this awesome new concert series, tailored just for them. Tip back a juice box and get ready to rock out.”

There is a free visitor lot across the street from the station, and plenty of street and garage parking in Towson.

Yes, you can park outside with your blinkers on, load your stroller into the street-level elevator, take it up one floor and park the stroller on the plaza outside the studio. But honestly it might just be easier to carry your baby in.

Our performance studio is only a few years old, and the bathrooms are still nice and new. Both the men’s and women’s bathrooms have stainless steel infant changing tables in them.

There are some soft, comfy tiered romper chairs around the perimeter of the performance studio, but most of the kids and parents sit or stand on our wooden floors. We’ve found that fixed seating and kids at a concert generally don’t mix.

Garrison Forest School includes coffee in the price of all tickets. And they have all the fixin’s. It’s just what us parents need. You can find them in the conference room, adjacent to the main performance studio.

Sadly, no. But we’ll let you know if anything changes!

Great question! You can email our membership director, Kristin Laporte, at

Baltimore magazine’s Reading Corner mixes musical merriment with some reading fun! Be sure to participate in their take a book, leave a book station and share some literature love with Reading Rock Stars of all ages. Don’t worry, parents are reading rock stars too and can read along with a complimentary issue of Baltimore.