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Meredith Marx, host of the WTMD Yacht Club

The WTMD Yacht Club with Meredith Marx

Sundays 11am – 1pm

Welcome to the Yacht Club! No shoes required, but we accept most hairstyles. In this club you will get to journey back to the 70’s and 80’s, and reconnect or discover some of the great yacht rock and new wave sounds, plus some surprises thrown in! Everything from Culture Club to Ambrosia to Gene loves Jezibel to Player….

Meredith will also be sitting down with several of these artists and bringing you exclusive interviews and giveaways! So, hop on board and let’s Pablo Cruise our way into Sunday’s from 11-1!

Meredith Marx has been a part of Maryland radio for 20 years. She’s covered everything from traffic reporting to news to DJ’ing, and creating a cool podcast where she goes backstage to various concerts and sits down with globally known artists to get the great stories! She joined WTMD in 2018 as a jock and has now created a fun show that features some of her favorite genres.

Email Meredith at mmarx@wtmd.org

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